SHEN Guilong

Dr. SHEN Guilong, born in 1970 in Xinghua, Jiangsu Province, is a professor and doctoral supervisor at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS). Currently he serves as Director of the SASS Institute of China Studies. He received his bachelor’s degree in Engineering, master's degree in Management, doctoral degree in Economics. His main research fields are international investment and international trade. He is also the member of the Asia Society Young Leaders Program, the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow, and was a visiting professor at the University College London, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Taiwan Chengchi University.

He successively served as Assistant Director of SASS Office of Academic Research; Deputy Director of SASS General Administrative Office; Assistant Director of SASS Institute of Economics; Director of the Office of Academic Secretary at SASS Institute of Economics; Deputy Director of SASS Institute of Economics. He was awarded “Zhang Zhongli Academic Prize” (2010), and was selected for the “18th Workshop for Young Researcher in Shanghai”.

Dr. SHEN has published extensively on issues of economy, and some of his works include: The Study of FDI Performance in China; FDI & the Income Distribution Disparity in China; The Study of Transnational Corporations Disinvestment in China in Global Financial Crisis; Trading Power and the Development of Transnational Corporations. He is co-author of a dozen of books, including The Further Opening-up of Service Industry and the Development of Service Trade in China; New Opening-up Strategy; Comparative Study of Development Pattern in Economy, etc. He has published numerous papers in leading Chinese journals as Academic Monthly, Social Science, Global Economy Study, and International Trade. Several papers were reprinted by XINHUA WENZHAI (Xinhua Digest) and RENDA FUYIN ZILIAO (Periodical Reprinted by RENMIN UNIVERSITY of CHINA) and HONGQI WENGAO (Red Flag Manuscript).

He has taken charge of 3 projects supported by the Chinese National Social Sciences Foundation, including a major project (2018), a key project (2016) and a youth project (2009) respectively; 3 projects supported by the Shanghai Social Sciences Foundation, including a series of projects (chief expert, 2017), 2 youth projects (2004, 2014) respectively; a project supported by Shanghai Advisory Committee for Policy Making (2014); 2 projects supported by the Development Center of Shanghai Municipal People's Government (2008, 2015); a project supported by the Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Committee (2008); 3 projects supported Shanghai Center for Studies of Overseas Chinese Affairs (2007, 2008, 2016); a project supported by Jinan Advisory Committee for Policy Making; a project supported by Suzhou Development and Reform Commission, etc. He is also a major participant in a project supported by the World Bank Poverty Conference (2005); a project supported by Chinese National Sciences Foundation (2007); 2 series of projects supported by Shanghai Social Sciences Foundation (2006, 2007); a project supported by the West Coast New Area in Qingdao (2014); a project supported by Changshu Port (2015), etc. 

He received various awards, including the First Prize of the 14th Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences Award (on Policy Consulting Services, 2016-2017); Online Publicity Prize of the 10th Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences Award; the Third Prize of the “3rd Shanghai Youth Economist Seminar. As a co-author, he also won the Third Book Prize of the 7th Deng Xiaoping Theory Studies and Publicity Award; a First Prize and a Second Prize of Shanghai Award for Policy Making; a Second Prize of the Annual Investigation Award supported by Shanghai Organization Department (2006). The Case Studies on Shanghai’s Aid to Yunnan was selected as a sample report at the World Bank Poverty Conference.

He has widely participated in international academic communication and cooperation. He was a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow at the University College London (Nov 2015-Jan 2016), and a visiting researcher at the Shanghai-Hong Kong Development Institute, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Sept-Oct, 2014). He visited many universities and countries to participate in academic seminars and delivered speeches since 2011, including Columbia University, the University of Nottingham, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Argentina, India, Vietnam, etc.