The SASS Institute of China Studies: A Profile

The Institute of China Studies, founded in March 2012, is the youngest of all the 17 institutes at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (or SASS). It grows from the World Forum on China Studies, a biennial event, first held in 2004, jointly sponsored now by the Information Office of the Chinese State Council and the Shanghai Municipal Government.

The Institute of China Studies carries a three-fold mission: 1) to research on overseas China studies, especially contemporary China studies; 2) to organize the World Forum on China Studies, consolidating its role as a high-end platform for sharing the latest achievements in China Studies; and 3) to build up collaborative ties with overseas institutions and individuals of the China Studies community. It is expected that, while bringing the best results of China Studies to the general public in China, an informed understanding of China will be promoted for the rest of the world.

The Institute of China Studies focuses on, among other activities, compiling the annual report on overseas China Studies, translating into Chinese major works of overseas China Studies, maintaining its official website, and publishing China Studies Quarterly. For such items on and beyond our agenda, your kind support is highly appreciated.