Call for Articles on China Studies-China Studies Quarterly
Published Time:2018-01-30

China Studies Quarterly, co-founded by World Forum on China Studies and the Institute of China Studies at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, is dedicated to exchanges and dialogues among scholars engaged in China Studies globally. The journal has been established for the following purposes:

(1) To demonstrate developments and trends in China Studies;

(2) To nurture new views and approaches in China Studies;

(3) To promote the fusion of perspectives from different academic disciplines;

(4) To further and deepen mutual understanding between China and the rest of the world; 


We would like to invite you to submit your English or Chinese papers related to China Studies from the following areas: humanities, politics, economics, society, international relations, especially on Contemporary China Studies. The columns of the journal includes: Features, Dialogues, Humanities, Current Observations, China and the World, New Perspectives, Overseas China Watch, Book Reviews. 


If you are interested in our journal, please feel free to submit your papers to 


Upon publication, authors will receive 2 copies of the issue in which the article appears.


The Editorial Office of China Studies Quarterly

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences


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